Dynamic Vocal is an a cappella group from Stockholm that started out in 2002. A cappella means singing without backing instruments, and the voices are, as the name implies, the foundation in Dynamic Vocal’s music. But because several of the members are also professional instrumentslists, the voices occasionally are mixed with a violin or clarinet.

Over the years Dynamic Vocal has let influences from pop, jazz, soul and folk music blend with classical music and Swedish choral music.

The musical identity, is built by Dynamic Vocal’s own songs, which represents a large part of the repertoire. Writing and arranging is a natural part of Dynamic Vocal’s expression.

Dynamic Vocal has produced two albums “Papa” (2009) and “Bereden väg” (2010).

Dynamic Vocal are:
Emma Ferm, Carina Johansson, Natalie Lund, Christer Ferm and Jonathan Lund.