Dynamic Vocal started out as a project at the Academy of Music in Stockholm in 2002. Christer Ferm took lessons in bass singing, and decided to ask some of his friends if they would like to join him and sing a cappella under the guidance of Anders Jalkéus of The Real Group. Since then the rehersals has been ongoing.

Dynamic Vocal sings a cappella, ie. voices without backing instruments. But because several of the members are also professional instrumentslists, the voices occasionally blend with a violin or clarinet.

Dynamic Vocal is inspired by the Swedish folk music tradition, jazz, soul, radio hits, hymns and the classical masters. Common to all members is the Christian faith and a desire to touch the listener with both words and music.

Dynamic Vocal are:
Emma Ferm, Natalie Lund, Carina Johansson, Jonathan Lund and Christer Ferm.